Set a personal goal

From the current "Plan" page, select the "+Set a personal goal" button to launch the goal-creation page.

Set a goal

Goal Title: Create a title for your goal.

Description: Give your goal a description.

Plan: Select the plan you're adding the goal to.

Reminder: Develop.Me can remind you via email about your goals. Select when you would like to be reminded.

Goal Type: You can create two kinds of goals: “Objective” and “Value” goals. Objective Goals are measureable, quantifiable, or tangible goals that are rated based on success and completion. Objective Goals are attainable and can be measured by hard data: time, amount, percentage, weight, money, etc. An example of an objective goal is “I will lead six new volunteers this month.”

Value Goals encourage growth in relationships, behavior, and culture. Value Goals are open-ended and ongoing, as we actively strive to become better people and employees. They are subjective and based on conduct and performance. An example of a value goal is “I will increase my spiritual intensity this year.”

Click "Create Personal Goal" to save this new goal.

Viewing your goal

Once you create your goal, it will show on your Plan page.
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