Mobile: Completing Leader Review

Last Updated: May 08, 2017 02:56PM CDT
The Leader Review is the second phase in the review process. To learn more about the Leader Review process, you can check out our training here:

You can complete the Leader Review on both desktop and mobile. This documentation will walk you through how to complete documentation on mobile. 

From the main screen, you will see that your personal review is locked during the "Leader Review" phase while your leader is completing your review.

 To access your team's review, select "Team" from the menu. 

From the "Team" page, locate the employee you would like to review. 

Once you have selected the employee, on their page you will select "Open Review". 

Once in the review, you will rate the employee's objective and value goals. Be sure to make any comments and save. 

After you have finished rating the value and objective goals, you will taken to the summary page where you can see a compilation of the value and objective goals. This is where you will save the final value. 

Once you complete the review, you will receive a message letting you know it is complete. 

If you need any additional help, you can email us at or visit