Mobile: Completing Self Review Phase

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2017 09:11AM CDT
The self review phase is the first phase of the review process. During this phase the employee will rate their performance for the year. This documentation will walk you through the necessary steps to complete your self review on mobile. 

After you have logged into your account, you will see a "Start Review" button. Click this to begin your review. 
This button will only appear during the Self Review Phase, if you are not seeing it or see a locked button be sure to contact your administrator. 

Once you start your review, the first screen you will be taken to is your "Objective Goals" page. Here you will have a slider available to rate yourself. You can rate your self 1-5, "1" being Needs Improvement" and "5" being Outstanding. As you slide the bar, you will see the ratings update. Your overall objective score will be an average of all Objective Goals. 

Click "Save and continue" to save this page and advance to "Value Goals".

On the "Value Goals" page, you will repeat the same process you did with the "Objective Goals page". 

Once you click "Save and continue" you will be advanced to the "Summary Page". 

On the summary page you will be able to see your ratings for both Value goals and Objective goals. You will also see your overall rating which is an average of the two. 

After review your self review, you will "Submit your self review" from the Summary page. Once you do this, your self review will be locked until your leader reviews your self review. 

Once you finish your review, you will get a "Your review is complete!" message. 

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