Completing a Leader Review

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2016 10:42AM CST

Completing the Leader Review is an important step in leading your team's personal development. During the Leader Review, you will rate your individual team member's performance for the year. While reviewing, you will be able to see how the team member rated themselves and leave comments for feedback.

Watch a short video on Leader Reviews here.

Accessing Leader Review

1. Before the review can be accessed, you will first want to confirm that the review is active. You can check this by looking at the "Leader Review" dates located at the top of the page.

2. Once you have confirmed the Leader Review is active, go to your "Direct Reports" drop down located on the left hand side of your screen. From there, click the name of the Team Member you would like to begin reviewing.


Open Review

1. Once on the Leader Review Page, click on the "Open Review" button.


Rate Objective Goals

1. You will first rate the Objective Goals, Develop.Me should default to this tab.

2. Here you can see the set Objective Goal for the review.

3. The "Actual" will display the specific goal number that was hit during the review.

4. At the bottom of the page, you will be able to slide the rating scale up and down depending on how you feel the Team Member did on the review that year.

5. If you would like to leave comments, you can do so here.

6. Be sure to save your Objective Goals!


Rate Value Goals

1. You will next rate the Team Member's Value Goals.

2. Here you will slide the rating up and down depending on how you felt the Team Member did in this specific area. You will repeat this for each Value Goal.

3. Under your rating, you will be able to see how the Team Member rated himself. This will give you an idea of their self awareness and give you potential points of discussion during the Response Phase. More on the Response Phase here.

4. In the Value Goals area, the Overall Rating will be based on an average of all of the responses above. This will be automatically calculated.

5. If you would like, you can leave comments for the Team Member and yourself here.

6. Be sure to save your Value Goals!


Submit Leader Review

1. Once the Objective Goals and Value Goals have been saved, you can click the "Submit Leader Review" button.



You will be notified that they Leader Review is Complete!

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