Editing Organization Information

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This Tutorial will take you through the basics of editing your Church Information. To access this area, you must be logged in as an Administrator. 

1. In the Admin, go to the "SETUP" group and select the "Organization" link. This will take you to the Organization screen.

2. Here you will add the name of your Organization

3. Here you will add the URL that links to your Organization site

4. Here you will add the denomination you are associated with, if not listed you can select "Other"

5. Physical Address for your Organization

6. City Organization is located

7. State Organization is located

8. Zip Code for Organization

1. ​Weekly Attendance is for your average weekly attendance across all campuses

2. Time Zone should be set to your main campus

3. Phone is for the main number for your Organization

4. Checking this box allows our team to access your information if needed. This information is not shared and is kept secured. We promise to handle any information with integrity.__ If you do not check this, don't worry! We will still provide you with great support but may not be able to get issues resolved as quickly.

5. Save!

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