Creating a Personal Goal

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Set a personal goal

From the current "Plan" page, select the "+Set a personal goal" button to launch the goal-creation page.

Set a goal

1. Goal Title: Create a title for your goal.

2. Description: Give your goal a description.

3. Plan: Select the plan you're adding the goal to.

4. Reminder: Develop.Me can remind you via email about your goals. Select when you would like to be reminded.

5. Goal Type: You can create two kinds of goals: “Objective” and “Value” goals. Objective Goals are measureable, quantifiable, or tangible goals that are rated based on success and completion. Objective Goals are attainable and can be measured by hard data: time, amount, percentage, weight, money, etc. An example of an objective goal is “I will lead six new volunteers this month.”

Value Goals encourage growth in relationships, behavior, and culture. Value Goals are open-ended and ongoing, as we actively strive to become better people and employees. They are subjective and based on conduct and performance. An example of a value goal is “I will increase my spiritual intensity this year.”

6. Click "Create Personal Goal" to save this new goal.

**Viewing your goal**

Once you create your goal, it will show on your Plan page.

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