Adding Campuses

Updated 2 years ago by Brandon Livingood

This area is used for adding Campuses to Develop.Me. You can also edit your campus information here. To access this area, you must be an Administrator on the account. 

1) To access "Campuses", go to the "Setup" section in the left hand column and select "Campuses"

2) To add a campus, click the "+ Add" button to the right of "Campuses" 

3) You can also select "+ Campus" in the top right hand corner

Once you have selected "Add Campus", you will be brought to the campus creation page. 

1) Here you will add the physical information about the campus. 

2) Here you can add a campus code: a short abbreviation for the campus. This is important when you are importing users so that they can be associated with the proper campus. This value can include numbers and letters but no special characters or spaces. 

3) Save!

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