Setting Goal Reminders

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Goal reminders allow a team member to set automatic reminders on goals to help them be engaged throughout the year. When a team member creates a new goal, he'll now see a "Remind me" field. He can select how often he'd like to be reminded—weekly, monthly, every two months, every three months, or never.

Setting Reminders

1. While creating your goal, you can select "Remind Me", and then select how often you want to be reminded. Reminders for all goals will come in one email, so if your team member has 12 goals all set to "every three months," she'll get one email per quarter. If she has six reminders set to "weekly" and six set to "monthly," she'll get only one weekly and one monthly email.

2. After you have created a goal and set the reminder, be sure to select "Create Goal"

Edit Existing Goal

If you have already created a goal and would like to edit or add a reminder to it, you can follow the instructions here:

1. From your dashboard, select "View" on a the goal you would like to update.

2. From the goal editor select how often you want to be reminded.

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