Using the Audit Tool

Updated 2 years ago by Brandon Livingood

The Audit section of the Review area is where you can add leaders to users, edit leaders, and update review status. 

1. To access Audit, you will need login to the admin and then select "Audit" from the "Review" section

2. Be sure to select the review year you are wanting to view.

3. If you need to lock the review for everyone, you can select the "Lock All" button. This will lock everyone but Admins out. This might be helpful while you are updating salary information.

4. "Create All Reviews" will allow you to mass create reviews for all users at once. This is opens up the review process for the employees.

5. You can filter by campus if you need to see the employees grouped in that order.

6. You can also use the search tool if you know the specific employee you are trying to locate.

7. The "First" and "Last" columns show the employee's name.

8. "Leader" is the primary leader for the employee.

9. "Dotted Line Leader" is a leader who might not be the primary leader but someone that the employee reports to.

10. "Status" shows at what point the employee is in the review.

11. If you check "Locked" that user will not be able to access the review, only his or her profile.

12. "Save" is where you will save any changes.

13. If you need to take a look at someone's review you can select "Open Review"

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