Adding Teams

Updated 2 years ago by Brandon Livingood

Teams are important in Develop.Me for organizing your employees and leaders. You can also edit your Team information here. To access this area, you must be an Administrator on the account. 

1) To access "Teams", go to the "Setup" section in the left hand column and select "Teams"

2) To add a team, click the "+ Add" button to the right of "Teams" 

3) You can also select "+ Teams" in the top right hand corner

1) "Name" is the name of the team you are creating. This will help you quickly identify the different Teams your organization is broken up into. 

2) "Code" is a unique value for each team. It is import when importing users and this number will be used to identify what team an employee belongs to.

3) "Admins" are any people that have access to that Team's information. Admins are able to see all of the employees goals, salaries, and employee information. This is important in the review cycle. 

4) Save!

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