Mass Importing Users

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To mass import users, you can use the "Import" tool found under the "Staff" section in the Admin. This can be helpful if you are needing to import a lot of users at once or make a group of changes. 

1. To access the "Import" tool, login to the Admin and select "Import" under the "Staff" section.

2. You will want to be sure to download the "Download Template" as this will be your guide to importing.

1. The Name columns are for the name of the user you are importing

2. The remote ID is the unique identification code that also exists in another third-party HR tool you might be using. It's your way to keep track of employees across multiple tools.

3. "Job Title" is for the person you are importing. Can include spaces but no special characters.

4. "FLSA Code" is used for the Fair Labors Standard Act, this would include information like 'exempt' or 'non-exempt'.

5. "Date of Hire" is used to show when a user was hired, must be in numeric format. For example 11/12/13

6. "Team ID" is the unique identifier that was created when setting up Teams. You must first setup your Teams before importing.

7. "Campus ID" is the unique identifier that was created when setting up campuses. You must first setup your campuses before importing.

8. "Work Phone" is the phone number that is assigned to the employee. If they do not have a work phone you might consider using a cell phone.

9. "Work Email" is the email that is assigned to the user. This must be unique for each user in the system so try to avoid using generic emails like "info@" or "general@".

10. "FT/PT" is used to distinguish if an employee is Full Time or Part Time, use "FT" or "PT" in this field.

11. "Leader Name" is the person that the employee reports to directly.

12. "Hours" is how many hours the employee will average in a week.

13. "Salary" is the amount the employee will make in a year.

14. "Job Grade" is the unique identifier that was created when setting up Job Grades. You must first setup your Job Grades before importing.

Once you have completed the document, be sure to save it to your computer as a CSV.

1. Once you have your document saved, select "Chose File" and locate the file on your computer

2. Select the "Import Users" button once the file has uploaded.

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