Adding Job Grades

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In addition to "Teams" and "Campuses", "Job Grades" give you an additional level of organization and insight into your employee structure. Job grades are not required but are helpful if you need to classify employees into groups like "Full Time", "Part Time", or "Temporary". To access this area, you must be an Administrator on the account.

1) To access "Job Grades", go to the "Setup" section in the left hand column of Admin and select "Job Grades"

2) To add a job grade, click the "+ Add" button to the right of "Job Grade" 

3) You can also select "+ Job Grade" in the top right hand corner

1) "Level" is the numeric value you can give to the job grade. For example, your senior pastor might be the highest level and given a value of "1" while someone who is doing temporary work is given a level of "8". 

2) "Classification" is the name of the Job Grade, for example "Full Time", "Part Time", or "Temporary".

3) "Description" allows you to write a brief description of what the job grade is. It allows you to bring more clarity to the Job Grade.

4) Save!

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