Viewing Teams

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As a team leader, you'll not only use Develop.Me to facilitate your own development, but you'll play an important role in the development of the people who report to you. Be sure to have plenty of conversation and interaction focused on development with each team member outside of Develop.Me as well as through the tool.

Develop.Me allows you to view the profile and plan for each of your direct reports and any team members who, in turn, report to your direct reports.


1. From your current Plan page, select "Team" from the top navigation.

Viewing Team

1. View the list of your Direct Reports on the "Team" page.

2. Find the team members who report to your direct reports gathered at the bottom of each profile card.

Direct Reports

By clicking on your direct report's card, you'll be able to see their profile and plans.

Team Members with Direct Reports

You will also be able to see which team members report to your own direct reports.


For all team members you will be able to view their current and past plans.

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