How do I navigate the Develop.Me Homepage?

Develop.Me Homepage Guide:

Step 1: Using your login credentials, log in to Develop.Me.  

Step 2: From the left-hand navigation, click Terms 

Cultivate Leadership Institute has four academic terms: 

  • Fall 
  • Winter 
  • Spring  
  • Summer

Each term lasts for three months.  

Step 3: From the left-hand menu, click Topics 

Topics allow instructors to create dialogue with students through a discussion prompt. From the Topics page, pose questions to students and engage in a whole group discussion.

Step 4: From the left-hand menu, click Tracks

Tracks are designed to group students with shared interests and goals who progress through an educational experience together.  From the Tracks page, create Equip Groups. 

Equip groups are required to meet for one hour a month. The meetings can be conducted virtually or in-person. Equip groups will engage in discussion posts and provide feedback on peer review assignments. 

Step 5: From the left-hand menu, click Students 

From the Students page, enroll students to the software according to their designated course.

Step 6: From the left-hand menu, click Organizations 

From the Organizations page, manage your organization’s information.  You will be able to upload your organizations logo and brand colors. In addition, you will be able to invite your organization's Admins to the software. 

Step 7: From the left-hand navigation, click Curriculum

The Curriculum page displays the subjects comprising a course of study. This page will allow you to access Cultivate Leadership Institution two-year curriculum. 

Alternatively, from this page you may add your organization's curriculum, if applicable. 

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