How do I customize a section?

To Customize a Section: 

Step 1: Once you have created a section, to add selection options, click Edit 

Step 2: Select the option from the dropdown menu you would like to add

Choose from the following section options:

  • Text
  • Video
  • PDF
  • Image Link
  • YouTube Video

Step 3: To add the desired option click Add new block

Check out what each feature has to offer:

Text enables you to include a header and text

Video allows you to upload an mp4 file, such as a course introduction video. 

Please note: The video option utilizes a lot of storage. For this reason, we recommend using the YouTube video option when uploading video files.


PDF enables you to upload a PDF file, such as a course syllabus. 


Image Link allows you to embed a url

For example; if students are required to read a particular book for a lesson, you can embed the link for book purchasing within the book image for easy access to required materials.


YouTube Video enables you to upload videos from YouTube, such as related videos to the course lesson. 


Step 4: After adding all of your desired sections, click Save Section

Congratulations, you have successfully customized a section!

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