How do I Create an Assignment Group?

To Create an Assignment Group:

Step 1: Log in to Develop.Me  

Step 2: From the left-hand menu, click Curriculum

Step 3: From the Curriculum page, select the curriculum you wish to add an assignment group to

Step 4: Click the desired course

Step 5: Next, click the appropriate Version 

Step 6: From the right hand tab options, click Assignments

Step 7: Click Add Assignment Group to begin adding assignments

Assignment Groups can include: 

  • attendance 
  • quizzes 
  • discussions
  • individual assignments 
  • end of course evaluations 

Step 8: After clicking Add Assignment Group, enter the assignment group name and weight 

  The Assignment Group must total 100% on a grading scale  

     If you create one assignment group, the weight must equal 100%

     If you create two assignment groups, each group weight must be 50%; totalling 100%

Step 9: Click Create Assignment Group

Congratulations, you have successfully created an assignment group!

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